6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Relieve Muscle Soreness

When it comes to being a better athlete, muscle soreness (and even inflammation) is a normal part of training and the recovery process.  Inflammation is the body’s first response to infection or irritation, even when it occurs as a result of overexerting a muscle.  One important way to prevent inflammation and counteract muscle soreness is proper eating.  Here are six anti-inflammatory foods to incorporate into your diet:



 Anti-inflammatory agent:  The ever powerful Omega-3 fatty acids

 Bonus:  Post-workout Protein 

 Try to eat a piece of fish for dinner two to three times a week.



 Anti-inflammatory agent:  An enzyme called papain and vitamins C and E

 Bonus:  Papain helps with protein digestion 

 Eat papaya for a mid-morning or afternoon carb booster


Broccoli (and most veggies)

 Anti-inflammatory agent:  Phytonutrients (organic components of plants)

 Bonus:  Nutrient powerhouse, plus loads of fiber

 Eat as many veggies as you want!  Load up on broccoli and other veggies at every  meal 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Anti-inflammatory agent:  Healthy monounsaturated fats

 Bonus:  Rich in polyphenols, which protect the heart and blood vessels from  inflammation

 Drizzle one to two tablespoons on vegetables or a protein source 



 Anti-inflammatory agent: phytonutrients

 Bonus:  Packed with antioxidants

 Enjoy them on your cereal in the morning and/or guzzle some down as a mid-day  snack 


Green Tea

 Anti-inflammatory agent:  Flavonoids

 Bonus:  packed with antixidants

 Drink at any time; try a cup of decaf green tea in the evening

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