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WOD: “Three’s Company” -Fri 1.30.15   Recently updated !

You will be working in a group of 3 but never working on the same thing at the same time:


Part A: 100 Wall Balls (20/14)  (10 min cap)

Part B: AMRAP of 

10 Bench Presses (155/95)

10 DB/KB Bentover Rows (2 handed) 50/35#

Part C: AMRAP of 

10 Burpees

10 Barbell Bicep Curls (55/30)


*While One Athlete is working on Part A the other athletes are trying to complete their AMRAPs of part B and C. Once the athlete on part A is finished, then the person on Part B and C are also finished. They will take a 2 min rest and move on to the next Part. (A to B to C to A). The goal is to complete the wall balls as fast as possible so your partners do not have that much time for their AMRAP. The people on the AMRAP have to accumulate as many rounds as possible before their partner completes the wall balls. 

*You will be assigned a Bench Press Station. (one group will use a silver rack)

*15 person firm Cap. Feel free to come before or after class to complete the WOD on your own

*The AMRAP time is ONLY determined by how long it takes your partner to complete the wall balls. It could be 5 minutes or it could be the 10 min cap










*Teams of 2:

Part A: 150 wall balls

Part B: AMRAP of

10 Bench Presses (155/95)

10 DB/KB Bentover Rows (2 handed) 50/35#

10 Burpees

10 Barbell Bicep Curls (55/30)

WOD: “Oly and Max Effort” -Thurs 1.29.15   Recently updated !

Skill: Power Cleans – Work up to a 1RM   7 x 1


WOD:  4RNFT Max Effort 

20 Alt Pistols (1 for 1)

20 Alt OHL (1 for 1) 45#

35 Jump Ropes (preferably double unders)

Max Effort Hang Cleans to Strict Press (95/55) – Once you drop the bar your max effort for that round is over

25 min cap


*The clean weight will be determined by what you can strict press 

*Your strict press will be determined in the warm up. 

*You will report your 4 max effort scores (one for each round)




IMG_7464 IMG_7465




WOD: “6RFT” -Wed 1.28.15   Recently updated !


3 Rope Climbs (15’/14′)

20 ABMAT Sit Ups

14 Lateral Box Jumps (23/20) 23″ = 20 inch box with BLACK 45# plate

8 DB Burpee Box Overs (23/20″)  (50/30#)


*You will be assigned a rope. If there are more than 10 people in class then some people will be partnered up on a rope. One of the athletes will start with Rope Climbs the other will start with box jumps







WOD: “3RM Back Squat, AMRAP, 5RNFT” -Tues 1.27.15   Recently updated !

Skill: Back Squat 3RM 5,5,3,3,3


WOD Part A: 10 Min AMRAP 

10 Back Squats (off a rack) (135/95)

15 KB SDHP (70/50)

30 Sec accumulated Plank Hold

Record Score


rest 2 min


WOD Part B: 5RNFT (10 min)

Perform 1 round every 2 minutes

10 Ring Dips (mod: any dip)

10 Vertical Jumps

20 Mountain Climbers (2 for 1)

*You are only recording whether you were able to complete every round in 2 minutes or not

(if you cannot keep up just cut out the Mountain Climbers)


*7 athletes will start with Part A. The other athletes will start with Part B. (Hard cap will be set at 14 people per class). Feel free to come early before class starts to complete the WOD.

*You will be assigned Racks and Ring Dip Stations. Ring Dips will be performed on Side B. Banded Ring dips are encouraged





WOD: “3RFT and AMRAP” -Mon 1.26.15   Recently updated !

Continuous Running Clock:


Complete 3RFT of

21 Pull Ups (mod: bands or Rows)


9 Deadlift (225/185)


Record Score and Take a 3 minute rest 



20 Alt Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

20 Hollow Rocks


Total Time Cap 35 min


*The 10 min AMRAP will be started and ended based on your 3RFT score. You have to monitor the clock on your own.

*You will be assigned Up Pull Stations. 

*Extra athletes will be assigned Rings to perform their pull ups 



IMG_7431 IMG_7432




WOD: “6RFT Partner Faceoff” -Thurs 1.22.15   Recently updated !

You are racing against your partner to see who can finish their 6RFT first.


Partner Battle 6RFT

15 KBS (70/50)

15 Toes to Bar

35 Jump Ropes (preferably Double Unders)


While one person is working on THEIR 6RFT the other person is performing 3 Rope Climbs (mod: 4 Rope Climbs). Once one partner has completed their rope climbs they will switch. You are to pick up where YOU left off. You do not care about your partner’s RFT. You are against them not with them. The longer it takes you to perform your rope climbs the more time you are giving them to complete their 6RFT. Just make sure you are remembering where you are before you leave for your rope climb.


*You and your partner will be assigned a pull up bar and rope.



IMG_7403 IMG_7404




WOD: “Oly, AMRAP” -Wed 1.21.15   Recently updated !

Skill:  Power Cleans (5×2) 7 min to work up to a successful double (every 2 minutes perform 2 power cleans – if you drop the bar, you must perform the second rep within 15 seconds)


WOD:  20 Min AMRAP 

Rep Scheme


Squat Cleans (145/115)


Pass Betweens (2 for 1) (15/8)



*When you report your score tell the coach the last fully completed round and then exactly what you finished on. For example, 15 + 17 V-ups

*Report your last successful clean double


IMG_7393 IMG_7395




WOD: “30 Min AMRAP” -Fri 1.16.15

Skill: Rope Climb


WOD: 30 Min AMRAP 

3 Rope Climbs (15’/14′)

12 Front Squats (155/105)

15 Bar Hop Overs (forward facing)

9 Pull Ups


*14 person cap. Anyone over the cap can do the WOD but will not be assigned a pull up or rope station. They will have to do the WOD out of order and make sure they are not in the way of someone who has an assigned lane. If you are doing pull ups and someone comes back to the bar that they have been assigned you must let them do so without hesitation. 


IMG_7351 IMG_7352