Fitness Tour Part II – Burpeethon

Burpeethon 2012: Trip Superlatives

Workhorse:  Ben 

Cutest Couple:  Ben and Kev 

Best Sound Effect:  Jimmy

Most Creative: Jimmy

Best Family:  Isabella Fitness

Most Generous:  Melissa

Best Dressed:  Steph 

Best “That’s What She Said”:  Ben 

Biggest Researcher:  Jimmy

Best One-Liners:  Andy 

Best Napper:  Kevin 

Most Easy Going:  Everybody but Ben 

Most Team Spirit:  Mo 

Biggest Vein: Mo

Biggest Trooper: Steph 

Biggest Creep: Ben 

Hardest Nipples:  Andy

Burpeethon 2012 Day 5: “End of the Road”

9:00am-10:00am – Breakfast

10:00am-11:00am – Travel to South B-more

12:00pm-1:00pm – South Baltimore Crossfit

      -Back Squat 4 sets of 6 reps.  3 count down, 1 count up.

      -FRAN:  21-15-9    Thrusters & Pull Ups 

1:30pm-5:00pm – Travel to 5 Star Personal Training 

5:00pm-6:00pm – 5 Star Workout

        -5 Minutes of burpees

        -At the 5:00 minute mark run a 400m run

        -When returning from the run, perform burpees until the 10 min mark 

        -Run another 400m, when returning perform burpees until the 15 min mark

        -Keep running 400 meters and performing burpees in this manner until you reach 150 burpees 

6:00pm-7:00pm – Finish our Burpees at 5 Star

7:00pm-9:00pm – Dinner at Sushi Palace

9:00pm-10:00pm – Drive home and say goodbye!

Burpee FINAL Count

Burpeethon 2012 Day 4: “Today Made it in My Diary”

7:00am-9:00am – People doing burpees

9:00am-10:00 – Breakfast

10:00am-11:00am – Travel to DC

12:00pm-1:00pm – Primal Crossfit

       -1 Hang Pull, 1 High Pull, 1 Power Snatch, 3 Broad Jumps  x 7 rounds

       -20 KB Swings, 20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 20 Burpees   (5RFT)

1:00pm-2:00pm – Chill in DC

2:00pm-4:00pm – Tour DC and Burpees

4:30pm-6:00pm – Pilates w/ Chauna, then burpees

6:00pm-7:30pm – Burpees at the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument

Burpee Count:  22,763

9:00pm-10:30pm – Graffiato

10:30pm-11:30pm – Travel back to the RV park