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150 Wall Balls for Time

Ben 6:39  20# (3.24.13)

Wanda 7:38   10#

Cathy 7:50  12#

Billy 8:03  20#

Monica 8:32 8#MB

Val 8:46  10#

Jesse 9:13  12#

Sara 9:17 12#

Justin 9:17  20#

Kelsey 9:21  10#

Nori 9:40  20#

Ana 9:58  10#

Meg 10:00  12#

Tina 10:18  10#MB

Bryan  10:25  20#

Gio 10:31  10#MB

Mike P 11:15  20#

Andy 11:20  20#

Jay 11:59  15#

Peter 14:18  20#


360 Push Up Challenge

360 Push Up Challenge 

For Time 

First set of 100 Push Ups:  Do 100 regular push ups.  They goal is to drop to the grand as little as possible.  Your hands cannot leave the ground but you can widen your hands on the floor.  Do as many as push ups as possible while dropping to the grand as little as possible.  

Second Set of 100 Push Ups:  100 HRPU…No other specifics. 

Third Set of 100:  100 Use a Perfect Push Up or Push Up Handles.

Last set of 60:  100 HRPU or Regular Push ups with a 45 pound plate on your back.

AMAP Double Unders

AMAP Double Unders

10 Minutes

Post Results

2013 – 1,000 Mile Challenge

1,000 Mile Club

JanFebMarch April MayJuneJulyAugustSeptOctoberNovDecember TOTALLast Year's Miles
Mike Isabella SR.1081031201211421081101085027633
started July
Carolyn Kroeper101.6106116.1580.35128.1113.6126102100117.499.85108.51299.55n/a
Christine Riordan 112.505788759560658060n/a
Taylor Guthrie11843154753355127.512299204039960.5n/a

500 Mile Club

JanFeb March April MayJuneJulyAugustSept OctoberNovDecember TOTALLast Year's Miles
Jessica Pogoda793873753039.538.53614.7513n/a
Stacy Isabella774241445045274150402148526525
Marianne Nelson68.541.6555.6628.7226.8231.438.325.6736.235.84150.6480.32n/a
Megan Kaiser33.541.544.7542.733.127.53223.525.2917.8140
started october
Natalie Russelln/an/an/an/a111025.927.121.836.439.332.9



Challenge: 500 Meter Row

500 Meter Row

How quickly can you row 500 meters?

Post results 

WOD: “Pull and Run” -Sat 7.7.12

“Pull and Run”

5 minutes as many pull ups as possible 

5 minutes burn as many calories on the treadmill as possible 

Repeat 2 more times

Post total pull ups and calories below

WOD: “Death by Push Up” -Sat 6.16.12

“Death By Push Up”

Perform 10 push ups per minute for as many minutes as possible. 

Record how many minutes you completed

WOD: “Push Up” -Sun 5.27.12

“Push Up”

Do as many push ups and crunches as possible in one hour

WOD: “Plank Challenge” -Sun 3.4.12

“Plank Challenge”

Perform 30 seconds of plank, then rest 30 seconds

Plank 35 seconds, rest 25 seconds





60 seconds of plank:finished

WOD: “Chest Challenge” -Sat 2.18.12

“Chest Challenge”

10 Reps of Bench (135lbs)

10 Hand-Release Push Ups

How to do it: Go back and forth until you fail to get out 10 clean reps of either Bench or Push Ups.  Rest 30-45 seconds between bench and Push Ups 

Post Results below