For Time

WOD: “For Time” -Tues 4.21.15

Skill: Hip Hang Squat Snatch (Focus on elbows externally rotated, Keep bar in Hip Crease, Chest up on the dip)

WOD:  For Time

With 30 minutes on a running clock perform:

20 Plate Burpees (45# BLACK plate)

20 Hang Squat Snatches [60% (round up)]

20 Bar Muscles Ups (Mod: Pull Ups, Jumping Pull Ups)

20 Hang Squat Snatches [60% (round up)]

20 Plate Burpees (45# BLACK plate)

   *Record Time* (this is the only TIME you are recording)

and then with the remaining time complete: (use as much time as you need until the 30 minutes runs out)

{you don’t have to jump right to 85%…You can work yourself up to it}

10 (full) Snatches (85%)

5  (full) Snatches (90%)


WOD: “Kind of Grace and AMRAP” -Mon 2.16.15

Skill:  Squat Clean (5×2)  (every 2 minutes perform 2 reps – if you drop the bar, you must perform the second rep within 15 seconds) – Record highest completed double


WOD: For time into AMRAP

With 15 minutes on the clock:

For Time 

10 Clean and Jerks (95/55)

8 C&J (115/65)

6 C&J (135/75)

4 C&J (145/85)

2 C&J (155/95)

****You must increase every round so make sure you are figuring out what are you going to do for your last set of two and work down from there


Immediately into:

AMRAP for the remaining time of:

16 Alt Pistols

25 Double Unders


IMG_7628 IMG_7629






WOD: “Mike I’s Sick Seventies” -Fri 1.2.15

Skill: Wall Balls (Forearms stay VERTICAL)


WOD:  For Time:

70 Wall Balls (20/14)

70 Jump Ropes (preferably Double Unders)

70 ABMAT Sit Ups

70 Shoulder to Overheads (75/45)

70 Air Squats

70 Chest to Deck Push Ups (or HRPU)

70 Jump Ropes (preferably Double Unders)

70 TRX Rows


*every 5th minute perform 4 Rope Climbs (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30)    (6 sets of 4)


35 min cap

**Whatever push up you choose you must hit your chest to the ground 

***Jump ropes are ALWAYS meant to be double unders unless otherwise noted. If you are doing singles you still have to 70 only)




IMG_7159 IMG_7160




WOD: “3RM BS, For Time” -Mon 12.22.14

Skill: 3RM Back Squat 5, 5, 3, 3, 3


WOD:  For Time

21-15-9 Front Squat (145/95)

30-20-10 T2B (mod: hanging knee tucks 1 for 1)

100 Jump Ropes after each set

25 Min cap


Goal: Moderate Weight Front Squat, Work on T2B or proper knee tucks, work towards doubles


21 FS, 30 T2B, 100 DU

15, 20, 100

9, 10, 100



IMG_7072 IMG_7073 IMG_7074









“Scaling is a moving target”