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WOD: “Deck of Cards” -Mon 4.14.14

Goal:  To get as many as cards as possible in 30 minutes

Rest:  When needed

How to do it: To perform the workout, you will start with a fully shuffled deck of cards (54 cards). All face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) have a value of 10. Aces will have a value of 11. Number cards will be face value (ex. 7 of spades = 7 wall balls). Jokers are optional, and can be set to any value.

Extra: Works great with a partner


Hearts: Burpees

Diamonds: HRPU 

Spades: Squat Jumps 

Clubs:  Goblet Squats



WOD: “2013″ -Tues 12.31.13


701 Jump Ropes

101 Air Squats

101 Full Crunches

51 KB Swings (above eye level) (70/40)

26 Burpees 

26 Goblet Squats (70/40)

701 Jump Ropes

101 Plank Jacks 

101 Mountain Climbers (1 for 1)

51 SSJ (1 for 1)

26 HRPU 

26 KB SDHP (70/40)

1 Memory of the Box from 2013

=2013 Reps 


45 minute cap

IMG_1113 IMG_1114


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WOD: “Partner 12 Days of Christmas WOD” -12.25.13


12 KB Swings (50/35)

11 Push Presses (95/65)

10 Double Unders (30 singles)

-While one person is working the other person is performing a plank

-When one person is done with a round then you switch

-If the person doing the plank drops both athletes have to do 5 burpees on the spot


3 min rest



9 Partner Deadlifts (315/225)

8 Partner Push Ups

7 Partner Wall Balls (20/14)

-Both people working at the same time


3 min rest



6 Box Jumps

5 KB Thruster

4 KB Front Squats

-Partners Switch after one round

-While one person is working the other person is resting


3 min rest


For Time

Burpee ladder


Person A does 12, person B does 11, person A does 10, person B does 9…

IMG_1058 IMG_1059

WOD: “Off the Wall” -Mon 11.25.13

In groups of 2 or 3 complete AMAP at each station

(only one person moving at once)


Sled Push


Pull Ups

Goblet squats


Each Station is 4 minutes

1 Min Rest between stations

IMG_0833 IMG_0835

WOD: “Off the Wall” -Fri 11.15.13

Skill:  Deadlift/OHL

In 24 minutes move as much weight as possible with a partner.

There will be 6 stations with 4 minutes given at each station.

There is no rest in between stations.

Only one person can be working at a time.

You may use different weight where necessary. If you are using different weights be sure to keep track of your weights separately.

To avoid someone using very light weight and getting a large amount of reps you are limited to 50 reps each at a particular station.  This is so you go heavier than you might have gone.  You, as an individual, are not allowed to do more than 50 reps at any one station.  You can do up to 50 and your partner can do up to 50 reps.

You are allowed to change weight throughout the 4 minutes.

The movements are as follows:


KB Swing 

OHS/Front Squat 

Wall Ball 


Pull Ups (only reps are counted here and  you can do more than 50 each…unlimited pull ups)

IMG_0766 IMG_0767

WOD: “HalloWOD” -Thurs 10.31.13


IMG_0635IMG_0625 IMG_0626 IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0630 IMG_0632

WOD: “Throwback Thursday” -Thurs 9.19.13

Deck Of Cards


Hearts: Goblet Squat (50/30)

Diamonds: Burpees

Spades: Ground to Overhead (45/25)

Clubs: Weighted Jump Rope x 2

Joker:  400 Meter Run




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WOD: “Throwback Thursday” -Thurs 9.12.13

As a partnership complete the following:


1000 Jump Ropes

500 Air Squats

250 Full Crunches

128 Burpees

64 Partner Clap Push Ups

1 mile run each (you do not have to run together)

IMG_9941 IMG_9943

WOD: “AMWAP & AMPAP” -Snatch Wed 9.11.13

Skill: Snatch

AMWAP – As much weight as possible You will have ten minutes to perform snatches.

Multiply the weight used by the number of reps.  You can change the weight throughout the ten minutes.

AMPAP – As many Points as possible

In 4 minutes accumulate as many points as possible.  The number in parenthesis is the number of reps you get per rep

(5) Rope Climb

(4) Burpee Muscle Up

(3) Burpee Pull Up

(2) Burpees Box Jump

(1) Burpee


2 minute rest


In 3 minutes accumulate as many points as possible

(5) Wall Walk

(4) Deficit HSPU (45# plate)

(3) Deficit Push Up (45# plate)

(2) Clap Push Up

(1) HRPU


2 minute rest


In 3 minutes accumulate as many points as possible

(5) T2B

(4) K2E

(3) Weighted Crunch

(2) Knee Tucks

(1) Full Crunch

IMG_9937 IMG_9938 IMG_9939

WOD: “Throw Back Thursday” -Thurs 9.5.13

Throw Back Thursday – we are revisiting old school workouts

Original Date:  12/7/11

SKILL: Bentover Row

The Timed Ladder

2 Min Plank

1 min 45 sec HRPU

1 min 3o sec Burpees

1 min 15 sec Dips

1 min Box Jumps

45 sec Russian Twist 

30 sec Over Head Hold (OHH)

15 sec Bentover Row


CMC Crew:

1 Mile Run

20 Burpees

400 Meter Run Holding Sandbag Kettlebell

50 Squats holding the Sandbag Kettlebell

2 Mile Run

20 Burpees

400 Meter Run Holding Sandbag Kettlebell

50 Squats holding the Sandbag Kettlebell

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