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WOD: “3 Part Conditioning” -Tues 3.3.15

Each Part is 8 Minutes

2 Min rest in between


Part #1

Death By Muscle Up

(Mod: Pull Up/Ring Row to Dip) (no Bands)

Min 1 – perform 1 Muscle Up. Min 2 Perform 2, Min 3 Perform 3…continue as such until failure or until the 8 minutes are complete.


Part #2


15 Cal Row/Bike

15 Wall Balls (20/14)


Part #3


10 Deadlifts (245/175)

10 Bar Facing Burpees


IMG_7814 IMG_7815



WOD: “Back Squat %, and 4RFT” -Mon 3.2.15

Skill: Back Squat % Work (10, 8,8,6,6)  %55, 70, 75, 80, 80%

(take your 1RM and multiply by .55 (perform 10 reps),  x .7 (8 reps), x .75 (8), .80(6), and .8(6)



12 Shoulder to Overheads (135/95)

12 Box Jumps (23/20)

12 Cleans (135/95)

12 Toes to Bar (mod: Hanging Knee Raises)

20 min cap


IMG_7797 IMG_7798 IMG_7799 IMG_7800




WOD: “6RFT” -Wed 1.28.15


3 Rope Climbs (15’/14′)

20 ABMAT Sit Ups

14 Lateral Box Jumps (23/20) 23″ = 20 inch box with BLACK 45# plate

8 DB Burpee Box Overs (23/20″)  (50/30#)


*You will be assigned a rope. If there are more than 10 people in class then some people will be partnered up on a rope. One of the athletes will start with Rope Climbs the other will start with box jumps







WOD: “3RFT and AMRAP” -Mon 1.26.15

Continuous Running Clock:


Complete 3RFT of

21 Pull Ups (mod: bands or Rows)


9 Deadlift (225/185)


Record Score and Take a 3 minute rest 



20 Alt Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

20 Hollow Rocks


Total Time Cap 35 min


*The 10 min AMRAP will be started and ended based on your 3RFT score. You have to monitor the clock on your own.

*You will be assigned Up Pull Stations. 

*Extra athletes will be assigned Rings to perform their pull ups 



IMG_7431 IMG_7432




WOD: “6RFT Partner Faceoff” -Thurs 1.22.15

You are racing against your partner to see who can finish their 6RFT first.


Partner Battle 6RFT

15 KBS (70/50)

15 Toes to Bar

35 Jump Ropes (preferably Double Unders)


While one person is working on THEIR 6RFT the other person is performing 3 Rope Climbs (mod: 4 Rope Climbs). Once one partner has completed their rope climbs they will switch. You are to pick up where YOU left off. You do not care about your partner’s RFT. You are against them not with them. The longer it takes you to perform your rope climbs the more time you are giving them to complete their 6RFT. Just make sure you are remembering where you are before you leave for your rope climb.


*You and your partner will be assigned a pull up bar and rope.



IMG_7403 IMG_7404