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WOD: “Partner WOD” -Mon 11.24.14   Recently updated !

Skill: Hang Snatch


Each Race is 4 minutes long and there will be a 2 min rest in between races. (34 minutes altogether)

Partners can use different weight for the Wall balls but everything else must be the same weight


Race 1: AMAP calories on the row while one person is holding the top of a deadlift (255/155)

*If the bar is dropped the athlete has to stop rowing

*One person stays on the rower the entire time


Race 2: AMAP Bench Presses (155/75) 

*Switch whenever you want


Race 3:  AMAP Hang Snatches (95/55)

*Switch every rep 


Race 4: Same as race one but switch Partners


Race 5:  AMAP Wall Balls (20/14)

*Switch whenever you want 


Race 6:  AMAP Shoot Throughs 

*Switch every 5 reps 


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Friendly Comp: Season 2: Part 2: Nov 22, 2014   Recently updated !

Time:  9:30am

Place: CrossFit Sayreville – 242 Main Street, Sayreville, NJ 08872 (BIG BLUE BUILDING…next to a Columbia Bank)

WOD: See Scoresheet for full details: SCORECARD…11.22.14 

Summary of the WODS:

WOD 1: (men will perform with WOD 1st)

6 min on the clock:

21-15-9 of

Chest to Bar for Men/Toes to Bar for Women


Squat Cleans Ascending Weight

(135, 165, 185, then AMAP with the remaining time of 205)

(95, 105, 115, then AMAP with the remaining time of 125)


WOD 2: (Women will perform this WOD 1st)

6 Min AMRAP of

2 Ropes Climbs

30 Double Unders


WOD 3:

For Time

50 Wall Balls (20/10)  everyone to a 10′ target

40 Box Jumps (20″)

30 Toes to Bar Men/ ABMAT Sit Ups Females

20 Burpees

10 Deadlift (205/125)

20 Burpees

30 Toes to Bar Men/ ABMAT Sit Ups Females

40 Box Jump Overs (20″)

50 Wall Balls (20/10)  everyone to a 10′ target

12 min cap


Important notes:

There will be 3 minutes of transitions between each WOD

For the first time ever, we will have alternate heats after every WOD versus doing all the WODS then switching. Basically, one athlete will do WOD 1 while another athlete judges them then you will switch. In the past an athlete performed all the WODS before their judge then performed all the WODS.

Reminder that you are judging each other for those new to this


Goal: To get serious CrossFitters together to compete against each other in a competitive format.  I want to get some of the legit CrossFitters from around the area to battle it out.  I want to bring members from different BOXES together to test their ability against other competitive athletes.

Details:  It will be set up as a normal WOD that you would typically see at your box minus the skill, warm-up, and mobility work.  You will be responsible for that on your own.  There is no cost to enter.  There is no prize for winning.  The only thing you are winning is bragging rights.  This will be a good way to measure yourself up against other serious athletes.  At the end of the day, we are doing this for fun but you better come to win.  There will be a limit on the number of athletes able to join.  The entire day should not last any longer than an hour.

Summary:  Come to CrossFit Sayreville on Saturday, Oct 25, 2014.   Sign up is FREE:  Click me to sign up 



Patrick C/Kevin V – lane 10  (wod 1 and 3)  and Rope 3 for WOD 2

Alex L/ Reese – lane 9  (wod 1 and 3)  and Rope 4 for WOD 2

Charlie/Pete S – lane 7  (wod 1 and 3)  and Rope 5 for WOD 2

Greg D/Ryan Murphy – lane 6  (wod 1 and 3)  and Rope 2 for WOD 2


Pam/Casey – lane 5  (wod 1 and 3) and Rope 5 for WOD 2

Jolie/Jess P – lane 4  (wod 1 and 3) and Rope 4 for WOD 2

Melissa K/Amanda C – lane 3  (wod 1 and 3) and Rope 3 for WOD 2

Rebecca B/Sky – lane 1  (wod 1 and 3)  and Rope 2 for WOD 2


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Previous Competitions:


Season 2




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WOD: “For Time” -Wed 11.19.14   Recently updated !

Skill: Rope Climb


WOD:  For Time of 21-15-9

25 min cap

KB Press Left (45/30)

KB Press Right (45/30)

KB Weighted Crunch (45/30)

KB One Arm Racked Lunge (45/30) 1 for 1



*4 Rope Climbs before and after every round (4 sets total)

*Start half the class 2 minutes behind the first half of class if more than 9 people in class



IMG_6722 IMG_6725




WOD: “3RM – Back Squat, AMRAP” -Tues 11.18.14   Recently updated !

Skill: 3RM Back Squat (5,5,3,3,3)



25 Minutes on the clock

Buy in: 3 Rounds of

10 Banded Air Squats

8 Hip Band Walks Left

8 Hip Band Walks Right


AMRAP with the remaining time of

15 Wall Balls (20/14)

15 Slam Balls (30/20)

15 Hollow Rocks




IMG_6714 IMG_6715