Bad Foods Gone Good

Five foods that don’t deserve their bad rap (when consumed in moderation)


Dark, not milk, chocolate that’s is at least 70% cacao improves the elasticity of blood vessels, which improves blood flow, reduces the chance of stroke, and helps you maintain healthy blood pressure


Has been shown to have cardio vascular benefits.  And taking it black, not with milk and sugar, might also play a role in preventing type II diabetes, improving memory, and providing antioxidants.  No more than 3 cups a day. 


This starchy vegetable is high in carbs, but it is the good kid (complex) that provides sustained energy to your system.  Eat one before your workout – its B-Vitamins will provide longer lasting energy.  


If you are working out longer than an hour, you need sodium to replace electrolytes lost through sweat – but no more than 3000mg’s a day.  


Two cold ones a day have essential B-Vitamins.  If you are counting calories, light beer is an option.  And if it is a darker lager beer, it’s going to have lutein, which helps eye sight and soluble fiber that is good for your heart.  Two beers are the healthy limit. 


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