Certifications: CrossFit Level 1
Started as an athlete with Isabella Fitness: 1/6/15
First Class Coaching: 5/3/16


I’ve been a fitness professional for over 7 years now, you can’t do something for 7+ years without having a love for it. I have an Associate Degree in Phys.Ed, certifications in resistance base movements and corrective exercises and as well as my Crossfit Level 1 Cert.  4 years and still going as a Trainer and Coach, as well as 3 years in a management role at a gym. Working out has to be enjoyable and challenging in order to insure success. I started Crossfit around Dec2013/January2014 once my workouts started to get stale at the global gym with the routine BodyBuilding approach/split. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a good “bodybuilding” workout and incorporate it in my fitness consistently, but  I wanted a new way to challenge myself and the beauty of fitness…there’s always room for improvement whether you a beginner or a “seasoned vet”. I crave CrossFit because it’s become a sport to me. Stemming from Handstand walks to a variation of Clean complexes to rope climbs. The options and progressions are endless.
You can reach me at: Contact@isabellafitness.com

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