Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids
Started as an athlete with Isabella Fitness: 5/15/13
First Class Coaching: 5/1/15


My journey with CrossFit began in May of 2013 at a major crossroads in my life. Ever since I was young I had been an avid competitive soccer player and would train in a commercial gym. After college, I became bored of same old chest/tri, back/bi’s workouts (and texting/talking in between sets) and felt I had lost the “competitive edge” and intense rush of a feeling that I got while playing soccer. CrossFit gives me that intensity with every WOD. At the same time, I had been unemployed for about three years working numerous part-time and odd jobs to make ends meet.  I was stressed out, my athleticism was fading and confidence way down the drain. I needed a confidence boost and an outlet for anxiety… And needed to prepare for my wedding! I wanted to be happy with my body, build my confidence back up for upcoming job interviews and get back into game shape. When I started CrossFitting I was quiet and kept to myself at first…This CrossFit community is what kept me going, pushed me past my limits, has made me a better, happier person and inspired me to become a coach. I’m also back to playing competitive soccer in the Garden State Soccer League. I still have a lot to learn and get better at. Never stop learning. I’m here to challenge people push past their limits and be a better version of themselves…With a great big smile on my face of course!
Lets get started: Contact@isabellafitness.com

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