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Ben Isabella

Owner, CrossFit Level 1,2, and 3, CCFT, C.S.C.S, 2014 Regionals Athlete, Certified Ancestral Health Coach

In 2009, I received my C.S.C.S from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. As well as being a strength and conditioning specialist, bootcamp instructor, and CrossFit Level 1. 2, and 3 Trainer (CCFT). I am a Physical Education Teacher at Sayreville High School in New Jersey.  I bring a wealth of valuable experience to my training arsenal after years of extensive work with high school athletes and former Collegiate Athletes. I have worked with specialized athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness enthusiasts. I continuously demonstrate my versatility by providing individual and group training in the areas of CrossFit. bootcamp, and circuit training. In 2014, I was fortunate enough to qualify for the 2014 NorthEast Regional where I took 17th overall. My mission has always been to work with individuals who love & live fitness. Keep up to date with current fitness & nutrition info by following me on Instagram @Ben_Isabella.
Let’s link up: [email protected]

Rich Cierpial

CrossFit Level 1 & 2, 4:00pm Specialist

I have been an avid weight lifter since 2000. I got into body building in 2004.  I started practicing Mixed Martial Arts in 2005; focusing primarily on Muay Thai and Combat Submission Wrestling. In 2011, I discovered the sport of obstacle course racing and have since completed three Tough Mudders and four Spartan races; earning my Trifecta medal in 2013. I started CrossFitting in 2012 and obtained my level one certification in January of 2013.
Find out more about me: Coach Spotlight
Email me: [email protected]

Amanda Costello

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Foundations Coach, 7:15pm Specialist

A year after joining the box, I decided I wanted to become a CrossFit Trainer. I wanted to teach other people about fitness, about staying active, and showing them they are capable of anything! One of my strengths as a trainer is my relate-ability to the everyday man or woman. I got into training to show people there is no certain category you have to fit into to be able to succeed in fitness. All my life, I have never been one to limit or define myself, but, instead, to constantly try new things and challenge myself daily. I want to motivate others in the way CrossFit has motivated me. Foundations Program.
Find out more about me: Coach Spotlight
Come Join me for a free class: [email protected]

Kevin Varno

CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Trainer, Personal Trainer, Ladies Night Coach, CrossFit Youth Coach

My athletic background consists mainly of high school track and field. I found my passion for fitness while rehabbing a hip injury I suffered while high jumping. Intrigued by the lifestyle of helping others improve their health and performance, I surrounded myself with an assortment of fitness methodologies. I originally set out to become a physical therapist, but quickly realized I would much prefer working with a wider variety of individuals; not just those coming back from injury. After the discovery of obstacle racing and CrossFit, I knew I would follow my passion and make a living in the fitness industry. In 2011, I first discovered Isabella Fitness and, shortly after, became a personal trainer. I have been working as a personal trainer since early 2012 and as a crossfit coach since the spring of 2013. My passion for fitness, and thirst for knowledge and experience continues to grow the more I educate myself. I believe that a consistent diet and exercise regimen is the biggest necessity to a happy and healthy lifestyle. I am passionate about helping everyone I can on their journey to find the perfect plan for their needs!
Find out more about me: Coach Spotlight
Lets Talk: [email protected]

Alex Lincho

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, 5:05pm Specialist

I’ve been a fitness professional for over 7 years now, you can’t do something for 7+ years without having a love for it. I have an Associate Degree in Phys.Ed, certifications in resistance base movements and corrective exercises and as well as my Crossfit Level 1 Cert.  4 years and still going as a Trainer and Coach, as well as 3 years in a management role at a gym. Working out has to be enjoyable and challenging in order to insure success. I started Crossfit around Dec2013/January2014 once my workouts started to get stale at the global gym with the routine BodyBuilding approach/split. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a good “bodybuilding” workout and incorporate it in my fitness consistently, but  I wanted a new way to challenge myself and the beauty of fitness…there’s always room for improvement whether you a beginner or a “seasoned vet”. I crave CrossFit because it’s become a sport to me. Stemming from Handstand walks to a variation of Clean complexes to rope climbs. The options and progressions are endless.
Find out more about me: Coach Spotlight
You can reach me at: [email protected]

Kelsey Jamedar

CrossFit Level 1

On February 21st, 2012 I walked into a bootcamp class full of adults while I was just shy of turning 18. Little did I know, that my first bootcamp class would forever change my perspective and habits in regards to health and fitness. While I always played sports as a child (soccer, dance, karate), my body was in complete shock after that first bootcamp class full of wallballs and sprints. It wasn’t anything like I expected, yet everything I needed and had been missing out on. Our bootcamp classes slowly transformed into Crossfit and by the time I returned from my first year of college our crew had doubled and we were working out in a “box” called CrossFit Sayreville. For 4 years of college, I struggled with finding the perfect CrossFit gym that matched our box here in Sayreville and I spent the majority of my time making up my own WODS at my recreation center. Finally, I stumbled upon a gym my senior year and my reunion with CrossFit cultivated and satisfied my passion for the sport.  With dreams of being a teacher of some sort, I never knew that could mean being a CrossFit Coach. Educating, motivating, and encouraging athletes to be the very best they can be at our box has fulfilled that teaching dream of mine. It is something I look forward to every day. My goal is always to make my athletes feel comfortable, safe, and excited to take on the WOD and push them to limits they didn’t know they could reach themselves.
Find out more about me: Coach Spotlight
Get in touch with me: [email protected]

Tom Wonaszek

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Youth Certified

My journey with CrossFit began in May of 2013 at a major crossroads in my life. Ever since I was young I had been an avid competitive soccer player and would train in a commercial gym. After college, I became bored of same old chest/tri, back/bi’s workouts (and texting/talking in between sets) and felt I had lost the “competitive edge” and intense rush of a feeling that I got while playing soccer. CrossFit gives me that intensity with every WOD. At the same time, I had been unemployed for about three years working numerous part-time and odd jobs to make ends meet.  I was stressed out, my athleticism was fading and confidence way down the drain. I needed a confidence boost and an outlet for anxiety… And needed to prepare for my wedding! I wanted to be happy with my body, build my confidence back up for upcoming job interviews and get back into game shape. When I started CrossFitting I was quiet and kept to myself at first…This CrossFit community is what kept me going, pushed me past my limits, has made me a better, happier  person and inspired me to become a coach. I’m also back to playing competitive soccer in the Garden State Soccer League. I still have a lot to learn and get better at. Never stop learning. I’m here to challenge people push past their limits and be a better version of themselves…With a great big smile on my face of course!
Lets get started: [email protected]

Mike Federico

CrossFit Level 1

As a child I always loved playing sports and staying active. Growing up in Old Bridge, NJ I played AAU and high school basketball, as well as pop warner and high school football. I enjoyed the thrill of an intense game and being active. In 2012 I found myself bored at the “regular gym” so I decided to give CrossFit a try. Even though in the beginning it was hard and not like any type of workout I had ever done before, after the first few weeks I was addicted! I felt as though CrossFit was a place I could challenge myself, set goals, and strive to achieve them. After several months of daily WODS, learning movements, reaching goals and diving into the world of CrossFit head first, I decided I wanted to learn more and become a CrossFit coach. I wanted to share with others that same excitement of learning something new, facing a challenge and achieving a goal! My daily high is coaching everyday and watching all the athletics reach their personal goals.  Switching boxes in September 2015, was one of the best decisions I made to better myself athletically, and further my coaching career.
Find out more about me: Coach Spotlight
Get in touch with me: [email protected]


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