Kyle McSpedon

  • Athlete Since: 9.9.13
  • 500 Class Club Date: 2.20.17


  • DL: 435
  • Front Squat: 325
  • Back Squat: 420
  • S2O: 260
  • Squat Clean: 315
  • Snatch: 215
  • Grace: 2:05
  • Fran: 7:24
  • DT: 8:25
  • 5k Run: 21:09
  • 5k row: 17:49
    • As of March 10, 2017

About Kyle:
I started doing CrossFit when my Mom introduced me to it in the summer of 2012. It was the summer after my freshmen year of college and I put on a freshmen 50, not freshmen 15. I was fat and needed change.  I remember the day she told me about CrossFit; she heard it from a co-worker and knew I would love it. She was right! I started working out at an affiliate in New Brunswick. By the end of the year, I was at CrossFit Sayreville. I played lacrosse in college and doing CrossFit was the perfect way for me to stay in shape. I love going to the gym, lifting heavy and going as hard as I can during my workouts. It helps me forget about the little things that may be bothering me during the day. I don’t have a set class time that I go to which I actually enjoy. It has a lot to do with my crazy schedule but it works out because I get to work out with so many different people. My brother, Ryan, joined the box when he graduated college. This has been great for us as being able to compete against him (and beat him) is one of my favorite things about going to the gym. I feel extremely lucky to be able to workout with my friends and family every day. 500 classes of beating Ryan! #BeatRyan #LosetoMom.

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