Mike Isabella

  • Athlete Since: 10.11.12
  • 500 Class Club Date: 11.30.15


  • Age: 72
  • DL: 255
  • Front Squat: 205
  • Back Squat: 235
  • S2O:150
  • Squat Clean: 165
  • Snatch: 105
  • 5K: 38:25
  • Here are the 2017 Open Stats for this guy: Age:72  Division: Scaled Masters 60+
    • New Jersey:
    • 5th out of 20 (60yr old+)
      • Northeast:
      • 24th out of 90 (60 yr old+)
      • 1st in the region if you take 70yrs old+
    • Worldwide:
    • 198th out of 691 (60yr old+)
    • 7th in the world if you take 70yr old+
      • As of April 12, 2017

About Mike:

Over three years ago, I started my exercise regiment going to retro fitness a few times a week; there I met Adonis and Mo.  Our friendship developed there and after a time it was recommended to me by Mo to participate in a boot camp class that was being held at the Sayreville high school and was conducted by Ben. So what age 67, I started going twice a week and found it to be a physical challenge that I had never experienced at retro fitness, where I was working independently. It was soon after my first Bootcamp class that I quit going to retro and dedicated full-time to the classes and it was at that time that I realized my physical condition was so feeble and I was still carrying approximately 70 pounds of extra weight. From the very start of CrossFit training, I had to struggle in order to achieve proper form, positioning and sustain stamina to get through the session. The commitment to myself is unstoppable – to become as strong as I was at Boot Camp as a Marine back in 1963. This accomplishment and the goals reached we’re not due to my own perseverance alone, but to the instruction and guidance personally focused on me by the trainers at CrossFit. As a result, three years later, I did my first competition came in 16th in the country; first my age group, which was 60+. I know that I have the innate drive to persevere towards triumph, but without the patience, knowledge, and dedication of the trainers at CrossFit, along with the verbal support of fellow CrossFit members, I honestly don’t think I would have reached this level of conditioning. I have reached the 500-class mark, I am now 70 years old, lost over 50 pounds, and aside from osteoarthritis in my knees, I feel physically healthy and stronger than I’ve ever felt in my youth. I thank everyone at CrossFit Sayreville for where I am and how I feel today.

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