CrossFit Fact #1: CrossFit may be for you and you do not even know it.

  • CrossFit is just a way to stay active. CrossFit is for individuals who want variety, want to push themselves, want to stay active, want to not have to think about what to do in the gym, want to enjoy the results, and want to be apart of more than just a workout program. I see the potential CrossFit has to change lives but I would never tell someone that this is “THE” way to workout. The workout regiment you enjoy is probably the best workout for you. You will not know its for you unless you give it a try.

CrossFit Fact #2: People THINK they know what CrossFit is.

  • If you have not been to a CrossFit then you do not know what CrossFit is. If you have only been to one CrossFit you still may not know what CrossFit is. CrossFit is not something that you can define. It is not something you can just put a label on and say, “yea, that’s CrossFit”.¬† When seeing CrossFit on TV, when watching videos, or watching your friend at a competition, you start to think that that is CrossFit. The way I run CrossFit at my box may be totally different than CrossFit down the street. There are so many levels to CrossFit that it is hard to know what CrossFit is. There are so many details that go into a regular workout. If you have not been a certain Box then you don’t know what goes on there. You do not know what happens. Don’t avoid trying it out because you think you know what it’s all about. Give it a try and you may just be able to scratch the surface!

CrossFit Fact #3: CrossFit is what you make it.

  • There is no one particular way to CrossFit. Everyone can and should experience CrossFit in different ways. Understanding your goals and how to reach your goals will make every class that much more enjoyable. If you want CrossFit to be nothing but 30-minute AMRAPS then you can make it so. If you want to make CrossFit easy then you can make it so. CrossFit, when programmed properly, is going to challenge in multiple ways. At the end of the day, your effort will determine the outcome. Make CrossFit fit into your goals. Decide how you want to look, perform, and feel and talk to your coach about how to make that happen. CrossFit is not the same everywhere so give other Boxes a try. You may realize that your Box is not helping you reach your goals.

CrossFit Fact #4: You can’t CrossFit yourself out of a bad diet.

  • Simply stated, your diet will be the #1 factor determining how you look and feel. Fitness, in general, will be most successful when coupled with a nutritious lifestyle. You can’t out work a bad diet. Learn what foods allow you to perform at your best. Decided how much you really care about looking and feeling good. If you believe you want more out of yourself and you actually want to look the part of someone who works out then talk to your Box owner. If they can’t help you then find someone who can.

CrossFit Fact #5: There are movements that will take a considerable amount of time to master.

  • Mental strength and fortitude is challenged in CrossFit on a weekly basis. It seems as though no matter how much you practice certain movements, they do not seem to get better. Let’s consider this: it takes about 10,000 hours to master a skill based on research (in relation to sport). The time it takes to master a difficult skill can take as much as ten years. Great golfers at the age of 19 have been doing it for 10+ years. Same goes for most athletes. You also have to remember it needs to be 10,000 hours of purposeful practice. Saying you spend 10 minutes after class practicing your kip does not mean you are on your way to perfection. Perfect practice makes perfect. Movements such as a clean, jerk, and snatch are movements that are difficult and take time to master. Spending 15 minutes a week before a WOD working on a skill is great but nowhere near the time it would take to master the skill. Moral of the story, enjoy the process, do not get wrapped up in trying to perfect every skill, and move with a purpose. Understand that improvement and perfection are different things. Work to improve and the rest will take care of itself.

CrossFit Fact #6: You Don’t need to be in “good enough” shape to start CrossFit.

  • People believing that they are NOT in good enough shape for CrossFit bothers me a lot. I do not understand what that exactly means. There are no prerequisites for how “fit” someone has to be when they first start. You are not being measured against anyone else. We care about progress. EVERYONE walks through¬†the doors in worse shape than they will become! I have redone workouts that I did years ago when I considered myself “in shape” and have beaten my times. It didn’t make me “not fit” back then but it has shown me how much more fit I have become. There is no such thing as not being in good enough shape when you start.


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