1) It’s too intense for me
CrossFit is an all-inclusive program. Intensity is 100% determined by the individual. You work at your pace and ability. You work as hard as you need to in order to reach YOUR goals. Intensity is set by the person behind the wheel…and that is you.  

2) It costs too much to be a part of the group classes
The price of any group fitness class is more expensive than the typical commercial gym. It is also less expensive than most personal training plans. Commerical gyms, personal training, and group classes all have their value. Therefore, whether the cost is too much or not is ultimately determined by what you value.  I can only speak for Isabella Fitness when I show value. During our group classes, you are going to receive instruction to improve your form and technique. You are getting the programming that allows you to work different muscles and energy systems. You are getting the community feel to keep you motivated. You are a part of a group of individuals that share similar interests and values as you do. You can customize the workouts/movements to meet your goals. We have committed trainers that LOVE helping others improve their fitness. We make you feel a part of something bigger than just fitness. We reach out to you when it has been a while since coming to class. We value the athlete experience.

3) I will get judged because of the way I look
Everyone at CrossFit looks totally different. What you see on TV or at competitions is not what you see inside the local CrossFit gym. CrossFit on TV is an assemblance of the best in the sport from around the world. What you see at your local CrossFit Gym is your stay-at-home mom, the workaholics, the school teachers, firefighters, law enforcement workers, teens, retirees, and everyone in between. You don’t have to look a certain way in order to CrossFit. We all don’t share the same physiques. If you want to change the way look, we will help you make that change.

4) I will get judged because I do not know what I am doing
Everyone had a day 1. 100% of the people interested in starting CrossFit didn’t know what they were doing..even all the owners. We all learned what it means to be a CrossFitter, how to perform the exercises, and how to make CrossFit fit our goals. Isabella Fitness has every new athlete attend personal training sessions to teach them all they will need to know in order to start taking group classes. Whether you have not worked out for years or whether you are a fitness junkie, everyone starts at the same place…Day 1!

5) I will get judged because I am not as good as everyone else
How you stack up against other people is relative once you learn how CrossFit works. It almost never happens where everyone is doing the exact same thing. During a class, with usually around 8-14 people, everyone may be doing the “same” workout but how that workout is executed may be totally different. For one exercise, I may have 5 or more people doing that “same” exercise a different way. For one exercise, I may have 10+ people doing that “same” exercise but with different weights. For one exercise, I may have a few people doing a totally different exercise altogether. Your score or time at the end of the workout is very difficult to measure up against others because of all the customization that takes place. You are there to be better than YOU were yesterday!

6) CrossFit will get you hurt
Years ago there was a false study that portrayed CrossFit as a dangerous fitness regime that leads to injuries. It has always been false but recently the authors have admitted to it as seen here:
http://ow.ly/SHJtx (https://therussells.crossfit.com/2015/09/21/nsca-admits-publishing-false-claims-about-crossfit-injuries/)
CrossFit is no more dangerous than any other form of exercise. If you get anyone off the couch and starts running around, lifting things, moving things, et cetera, there is undoubtedly going to be some who suffer injury. CrossFit, inherently, is not dangerous. It is a combination of running, lifting weights, gymnastic movements, olympic lifts, and the like. If you think that CrossFit is dangerous then you must think gymnasts should avoid gymnastics, olympic weightlifters should avoid training for the olympics, strongmen should stop lifting and moving things, and runners should stop running. I would rather take my chance working out than take my chance hoping that I do not get diabetes and cardiovascular disease because I was scared of getting injured.

The article published by the NSCA that originally built hype around CrossFit and Injuries was thrown out by the courts for hidden documents and committing perjury. Basically, the article that spurred on the ideology the CrossFit leads to injuries has been dismissed. Read More here: https://journal.crossfit.com/article/berger-june-2017-2

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