CrossFit Suggestion #1: Try out different boxes. Every CrossFit is different. The owner ultimately determines the feel of the box, the quality of the box, and the effectiveness of CrossFit. Everyone Box is going to offer a unique CrossFit experience. I really do not believe you can truly appreciate a box until you know what else it out there. There are so many CrossFits out there popping up that eventually it will be a survival of the fittest. Just because you go to CrossFit it does not mean you are getting the most out of your experience. There is nothing wrong with scheduling a time to drop in at another Box. Any quality box owner will welcome you with open arms. You may leave that box thinking twice about your current situation or you may leave that box appreciative of what you have. You will not know what CrossFit is untill you see for yourself what it is not!

CrossFit Suggestion #2: Take 5 minutes. There are so many different movements that we are constantly saying, “I need to get better”. Take 5 minutes after class and practice a different movement each day. Put 5 minutes on the clock and perform an AMRAP, EMOM, For Time, etc. Take it slow, work on form and technique, track your progress, and find a friend to do it with. You do not have to be doing the same movement as your friend but at least you have someone else there. For example, perform 10 pistols EMOM for 5 minutes. Then next time increase to 6, and so on until you are ready for pistols in WODS. Perform an AMRAP of two movements for 5 minutes like 5 pull-ups, 10 pistols. Do this every week to challenge yourself to beat your last score. Small steps to help improve performance. Pick the same routine to do each day of the week until you have mastered that exercise.

CrossFit Suggestion #3, Part: Before joining a CrossFit, learn about their Foundations/Fundamentals/Intro Program. Any respectable CrossFit has a comprehensive and educational foundations program. This is the time when you are supposed to have an opportunity to 1) Learn the majority of the movements we use in CrossFit 2) Start to understand the CrossFit lingo 3) Get your body used to moving in a variety of ways 4) Get comfortable with the trainers/owners/other athletes 5) Get a feel for the box 6) Learn how to modify/scale exercises/weights 7) Ask questions, get excited, and have fun in a SMALL group or one-on-one setting. The foundations program sets the tone for your CrossFit experience. Understanding some specifics will help you understand the reasoning behind the two questions that most people have before starting foundations: How long will it take and How much does it cost. Time commitment: The more time you spend in a foundations program, the better off you will be in the long run. You don’t give someone a license who has never had practice behind-the-wheel. The practice you get from an experienced coach will lead to future success. Time spent in a one-on-one or small group setting will allow you to gain confidence, get individualized attention, ask questions, and learn how CrossFit works for YOU. Just like most things in life, the fast, cheap, and easy way of doing things will leave you wishing you would have done it right the first time. Price: When deciding if it is worth your money, consider the value/service/setting. Determine what you are getting in return for your money outside of the price. Whether you bought a groupon or spend a few hundred dollars, you need to look at what you are getting in return. Are you stuck in a class with 5+ other people? How many days does foundations last? How long is each class? What’s the availability of the classes? Who teaches the classes? How are you transitioned into the regular classes?  to be continued…

CrossFit Suggestion #3, Part 2: Before joining a CrossFit, learn about their Foundations/Fundamentals/Intro Program continued. We left off analyzing what we get in return for the price of the foundation’s program. Some of the questions I posed were:  Are you stuck in a class with 5+ other people? How many days does foundations last? How long is each class? What’s the availability of the classes? Who teaches the classes? How are you transitioned into the regular classes?  What you want and why you want it…You want a foundations program that will spend time with you one-on-one. You need time to learn an abundance of exercises, how YOU can perform those exercises with eyes only on you, and what YOU need to do to scale/modify those exercises. You need to be able to get the full attention of the coach for the entire duration. You are paying for a service that is intended to get YOU prepared for CrossFit. In order to get ready for regular classes, you are going to need 5-10 foundations classes. There is a lot to learn and remember. Remembering everything is going to be tough so it’s important to have a lot of time to figure things out with your personal coach. Take a look at contact time with that personal trainer when deciding if you are spending enough time in foundations. Five 1-hour classes are the same as ten 30-min classes. Contact time is the key. Most foundations programs have a cookie-cutter time slot. The more availability you have, the more convenient that is -meaning the more value for your money. The coach that trains you should have experience working in a class setting and personal training setting. The coach that trains you should also teach a bunch of regular classes. This allows you the opportunity to leave foundations and immediately start to take classes with a coach that knows your strengths and weaknesses. Transitioning into regular classes can be intimidating. See if they offer smaller classes before taking the regular ones.

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