Fitness is a journey that is unique for everyone. Imagine an exercise plan that is tailored to your individual needs, schedules, desires, and goals. Lose Weight, Look Great, Feel Amazing!

Group classes provide the best solution for broad, generalized health and fitness. It allows you the opportunity to express your current level of fitness while being encouraged by others.  The group atmosphere is fun, social and supportive. However, it’s difficult to create a program that targets all of your specific strengths and weaknesses in a group class.

This is where individual program design (IPD) comes into play.  IPD is a service offered for those who have specific goals (such as climbing a rope, improving their pull up or HSPU, et cetera), those who want a training program completely tailored to their strengths & weaknesses, or those aiming to compete in a sport.

IPD = We take your goals, your schedule, your location and provide you with a monthly workout plan.

How Does One Get Started With PD?

  • Step 1: Identify your goals and areas that you want to focus on
    • Determine if you want to do a 6-week specific skill or strength program or if you want a month of workouts with more variety.
      • The 6-week program is for a specific skill or strength goa.l
      • The monthly programming is for additional support on a wider range of exercises and goals.
  • Step 2: Visit: Click Me

What Does the Service Entail and What Does It Cost?

  • With IPD, you will have your entire training program created around your schedule.  You will follow your program on your own during any class time, at a remote exercise facility, or open gym that fits your schedule.
  • Each week your program will be emailed to you.  Your coach will require that you keep track of your workout data via our online platform (FitBot), in which you will record both quantitative (how much did you squat, how many reps did you get in the workout, etc) and qualitative data (how did you feel during that workout, how high was your concentration, did you feel like you had more in the tank, etc). You two will have weekly touch points regarding your day-to-day training.
  • Your coach will be recording, adjusting, and monitoring your progress.  He/She will require that you record certain lifts/workouts and upload them to your FitBot account to ensure quality movement. You will have constant contact with your coach either via on-site interaction. Having a coach who creates a progressive programming template designed specifically towards you is the fastest, most efficient way to reach your goals.
  • 6-Week Program costs $125 per program
  • Monthly Program Design costs $130/month

If you are still on the fence about doing PD and would like to set up a consultation to discuss it further – email us at or text us at 732.532.3337.

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