Hello, Family and friends of Isabella Fitness! This week’s spotlight goes out to another loyal member of the 5:30AM crew Karalyn Herban!

Karalyn is an occupational therapist and owner of Ready, Set, Grow Therapy! RSG Therapy is a pediatric occupational therapy practice in Morganville, NJ!

Her clinic offers services to children from birth into their early twenties who are struggling with development in their gross and fine motor skills, school skills such as writing, ADHD, or other developmental delays.

Karalyn is driven by the difference she sees when parents are proactive with their child’s development and apply OT intervention at home.

Her clinics offer FREE Screenings for parents who are concerned with the development of their child!

In hopes to impact even more children, Karalyn is expanding to a second location in Monroe in March 2018!!!!

You can reach Karalyn at:
Phone: 732-322- 5695
Email: mailto:karalyn@rsgkidstherapy.com
Website: www.rsgkidstherapy.com

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