My Gym Workout

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Day 1 – Chest/Bis

Flat Bench 4 sets

Dumbbell Incline 4 sets

Dumbbell Flat 4 sets

Lower Cables 3 sets

Chest Machine (change this every time) 3 sets


Barbell Curl  4 sets

Preacher Curl 4 sets

Dumbbell Work 4 sets

Pull Ups 4 sets


Day 2 – Legs/Shoulders 

Back Squat 4 sets

Front Squat 4 sets

Walking Lunges 3 sets

Calve Raises 8 sets

Random Leg exercise 


Barbell Press

Side/Front/Rear Raises


Upright Row


Day 3 – Back/Tris

Pull ups 10 sets

Bentover Row 4 sets

Lat Row 3 sets


Dips 6 – 10  sets

Skull Crushers 4 sets

Pushdowns 3 sets


Day 4 – ABs


2 thoughts on “My Gym Workout

  1. These workouts are challenging and effective. I love to push myself and the structure of this entire website motivates me to do that. Special thanks to Ben Isabella for helping me Change the Way I Fitness!

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