If you are new to CrossFit there are a lot of things you need to be prepared for.  Most of which, will be geared towards form and technique. Here are the behind the scenes things you need to be prepared for. (in no particular order)

1) Be prepared for your social media to be flooded with CrossFit posts

You will not be able to hide it from the world how much you love CrossFit and what you accomplished at class. Soon you will be following everyone from the box, which means that your timeline will become more about fitness than ever before.

2) Be prepared for your NON-CrossFit Friends/Significant others to be uninterested in hearing about CrossFit 

You are so excited about how CrossFit has impacted your life that you will want to share it with your good friends.  Unfortunately, they will soon get tired of hearing about burpees, thrusters, and PR’s.

3) Be prepared for your hands to never be the same. 

If you do not want callouses or ripped hands get gloves asap.

4) Be prepared to fail at first

CrossFit does a great job of incorporating every aspect of fitness.  This means there will be movements that do not come natural to you. Keep your head up, trust the process, and everything will fall into place.

5) Be prepared to be corrected…often!

This goes hand-in-hand with #4.  Being that you are going to suck at some things, you will be corrected all the time.  Even on movements where you think you have it nailed down, there will still be improvements to make. Do not take it the wrong way if a coach is always “on your case”.  Understand that it comes with the territory.  Any great box wants their members to perform movements safely and efficiently.

6)  Be prepared for soreness

Anytime you start a new exercise program, you are going to push your muscles to the point of fatigue.  As a result, delayed onset muscle soreness occurs. You are not doing anything wrong because you can’t make it up and down the stairs without holding onto the railing. It is always smart to let your body get an appropriate amount of rest when first starting out.

7) Be prepared to modify 

It is your hour of class.  You are paying for that hour.  If you feel uncomfortable with a movement, feel sore from the day before, or suffer from pain in a certain joint/muscle you have the right to modify the workout or exercise accordingly.  No coach in the world can tell you what to do. And if they do, you can take your money elsewhere. Remember, you pay them! To this point, there should never be a time in your CrossFit career where you shouldn’t modify here and there. Please do not overlook the importance of making sure you are satisfied with how you spend your 60 minutes.

8) Be prepared for the coaches to get upset

Most owners/coaches got into CrossFit because they had this ideology that they can change lives.  They want to make you into better athletes and improve your quality of life.  With the being said, it is tough to remain encouraging all the time. Coaches often feel like banging their head into a wall when athletes don’t keep their knees out on a squat or grab the bar with a clean grip when doing snatches. The least you can do is know the movements, put things away properly, and let the coach speak when he/she is explaining the WOD. If every person is a little more conscientious when at the box then every coach will enjoy their job that much more.

9) Be prepared to find your Box BFF

There will be that person at the box that you just click with. The friendship may extend to outside of the box but if it does not you will be happy every time you see him/her.

10) Be prepared to get involved

Any great box gets their members involved.  This can mean diet challenges, 5k runs, competitions, BBQ’s, bowling nights, paintball outings, holiday parties, anniversary parties, etc. The more you get involved the more you will get out of your new found community.


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