There are just some CrossFit Exercises that take your heart rate, mental capacity, and muscle fatigue to a new level. When performed at max capacity over a moderate amount of time your soul will become crushed. Not only do these exercises crush your physical state but your mental state is affected as well. These exercises make you want to quit CrossFit.

  1. Rower: The rower crushes your physical and mental state alike. When rowing for speed your legs will either explode or succumb to muscle fatigue. When rowing for distance your enter body will either explode or succumb to mental fatigue. The worst part of the rower is that damn pacer that is staring you right in the face with every pull. The moment you give in, even just a little, the pacer is there to let you know it. You can see that split time getting worse and worse with every pull as your legs are on fire. Your soul is crushed as each pull hurts more than the last.
  2. Burpees: The soul-crushing element of the burpee is the fact that you can always do one more. There is nothing about a burpee that would cause you to stop due to muscle fatigue. You can always push through the reps. If you pace yourself just right so you can keep moving for an extended period of time.
  3. Thruster: There cannot be an exercise more crushing than the thruster. Not only is it demanding on your metabolic conditioning but it puts extra emphasis on body positioning. When performing thrusters at a moderately competitive weight such as in Fran, your heart will know it.
  4. Muscle Ups: When you get to the point where you can start to link them together you will experience some soul crushing. For one, we always want to do more than we are capable of. Whether it is your forearms, triceps, or chest, at some point, your muscles will fail. Usually this is far sooner than desired. Open WOD 14.4 was a prime example of how soul crushing muscle ups can be. When you hit the point in the WOD where both muscle fatigue and cardiovascular fatigue set in you know you are in trouble. You may just be staring at the rings while the clock ticks away.
  5. Assault Bike: When pushing that Airdyne to the limit the leg burn felt here is quite demanding. Much like the rower, the airdyne taxes you mentally and physically. When you have a number staring you right in the face the entire time you cannot help but feel bad for yourself. When that pace drops it is soul crushing. You want to keep pace, you want to continue to move, but your mind is telling you no. Push past that mental fatigue and peddle away.

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