"Because of CrossFit Sayreville, my fitness journey was able to evolve into something incredible. I grew up in a culture where women lifting weights was frowned upon. When I joined the fitness family, I quickly learned how empowering it is to lift with other women." - Vivian Martinez

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WOD: “Bootcamp” -Sat 8.11.15

Sprints Hollow Body Hold TRX Row Rower Rope Slam Renegade Push Up Tire Flip Shoot Throughs Burpees 1 Arm KB Thruster 2x@30:20 1x@20:20 2x@30:20

WOD: “Survival EMOM” -Fri 7.31.15

Strength: Hang Squat Clean, 5x4, 65% of 1RM Clean, Every 90 Sec WOD:   Survival EMOM Min 1: 3 Hang Cleans (115/65), 2 Rope Climbs Min 2: 3 Hang Cleans, 15 ABMAT Sit Ups Goal is to complete 26 minutes Once you can't complete the required work in the minute…

WOD: “For Time” -Thurs 7.30.15

Strength: Deadlift, 6x4, EMOM, 75%, Touch and Go (4 reps without dropping in between) WOD:  For Time 15-12-9 DL (255/185) Box Jumps then 12-9-6 DL (225/135) Burpees (regular) then 9-6-3 Burpee Box Jumps Alt. Pistols (2 for 1) then 6 Sprints (100 foot mark to fence = 1) (MAKE THESE QUICK!!!)…

WOD: “AMRAPS” -Wed 7.29.15

Strength: Front Squat, 8x3, 80%, EMOM WOD: AMRAPS 9 Min AMRAP 9 Front Squats (60% of 1RM) 9 HSPU 9 HRPU Record Score 4 min rest 6 Min AMRAP 6 OHS (40% of 1RM Front Squat) -if not, scale the weight accordingly 6 HSPU 6 HRPU Record Score https://youtu.be/3YudtPu_ATM

WOD: “AMRAP” -Tues 7.28.15

Strength: S2O, 5x5, 10 minutes Set 1 and 2: Strict Press Set 3 and 4: Push Press Set 5: Push Jerk You should be adding weight after set 2 and 4 WOD: 24 Min AMRAP 10 T2B 200 Meter Run 7 S2O (135/95) https://youtu.be/HbOew7VMDog

WOD: “6RFT Challenge” -Mon 7.27.15

Strength: Hang Snatch, 5x3, work up to a 3rm, every 90 sec WOD:  6RFT Challenge 10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 5 Hang Snatch (50% of 1RM SNATCH) 5 UNBROKEN Wall Balls (add 5 unbroken Reps every Round)* (5,10,15,20,25,30) *Every time you break up the wall balls you owe 30 double…

WOD: “Bootcamp” -Sat 7.25.15

Sled Push L Sit Rower Rope Slam Seated D Curl Burpee Tire Flip SJ Weighted Crunches Deficit Push Ups KBS 30:25 40:25 30:20

WOD : “Partner Chipper” -Fri 7.24.15

Strength: Deadlift 5x1, 85%, EMOM WOD: Partner Chipper 100 Power Snatches (75/45) 100 Floor Presses (135/95) 100 Box Jumps (20") 100 KBS (70/50) 100 ABMAT Sit Ups 100 Bentover Rows (95/65) *Split work how you like 25 min cap https://youtu.be/64B3KN3Wlfo

WOD: “For Time” -Thurs 7.23.15

Skill: Two Handed DB/KB Strict Press, 4x6 (both hands at the same time). (5 min to complete) WOD: For Time Part A: 400 Meter Run, 20 HSPU (record time) Part B: 14 Min AMRAP of: (14 min AMRAP Starts Immediately after Part A 7 Muscle Ups (mod: reduce # of…

WOD: “5RFT” -Wed 7.22.15

Strength: Clean, 5x3, 85%, Every 90 sec WOD:  "DT"  5RFT 12 DL (155/105) 9 Hang Cleans 6 Shoulder to Overhead *Record Time rest 2 min 3 Rounds of: 30 Sec Max Dips 30 Sec Rest 30 Sec Max HRPU 30 Sec Rest =1 Round Keep count of your dips +…