Youth Fitness

Fitness Classes For Youth Kids (ages 6-12)

First Class is Free. Inquire about our youth fitness program.

About the Class:

Our kids support and encourage each other regardless of age. 
We personalize our classes based on individual needs so that any kid can be successful & have fun.  
We perform bodyweight exercises, cardio, running, kettlebell/dumbbell movements, medicine ball, et cetera.
Every class includes a warm, exercise instruction, a workout, and/or fun games/activities.

  • Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5-6pm.
  • The cost is $100 per month. No contracts. Month-to-Month.
  • This program is for youth ages 6 – 12, youth 13+ will be able to take our IF Group Classes.
  • First class is always free.

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