Strength:  Deadlift + Box Jumps couplet, 4 rounds E2MOM

  • 3 singles @ 80% of 1RM
    • All of these deadlifts start at a dead-stop, not touch and go
  • 6 Box Jumps (Challenge yourself with the Height of the Box)

WOD:  FIGHT GONE BAD, 3 rounds

  • Box Jumps (24/20), max reps
  • Plank, work 45s, rest 15s
  • Hang Power Cleans (115/85), max reps
  • Plank, work 45s, rest 15s
  • Front Squats (115/85), max reps
    • rest 1 min before start of next round
      • In a Fight Gone Bad format, you perform each exercise for 1 minute, completing as many reps as you can. At minute 2, you move on to the next exercise. At minute 3, you move on to the third exercise.  You will have one score at the end of each round, a sum total of the amount of reps of box jumps, hang power cleans, and front squat reps you were able to complete.

The Down Low:

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    3. To learn more about the CrossFit Open: Here
    4. Open Viewing Party: 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 17.4, 17.5
    5. March 4, 2017: 3rd Annual Bowling Outing
    6. March 11, 2017: 2nd annual 3 vs 3 Indoor Volleyball Tourney
    7. March 24, 2017: Friday Night Lights (80’s Theme)
    8. April 22, 2017: Battle of Baes 2:  So far confirmed teams: Kelsey and Rich. Tom and Lauren. Steph and Levi. Glenn and Kristen. Zach and Bebah. Diana and Diego. Jenna and Justin

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