“Hybrid Bootcamp”

1 Round of Bootcamp

(Rope Slam, Knee to Ball, Crunch to Press, Curl to Press, Dips, Step Hops, Pull ups, Dumbbell Squat Cleans, Hip Band Walk)

1 Min Rest

1 Lap (.45 miles)

2 Min Rest

Repeat 2 more times 

Cash Out: AMRAP – 4 minutes of burpees

Start by performing the 9 bootcamp exercises with a 30:30 work to rest ratio. 

Rest 1 minute

Run .45 Miles (it’s only .45 because thats the distance around our building)

Rest 2 minutes

Round two of bootcamp with a 30:20 w:r ration

Rest 1 minute

Run Lap 

Rest 2 minutes

Round three of bootcamp with a 30:20 w:r ratio

Rest 1 minute

Run Final Lap 

Rest 2 minutes

AMRAP of Burpees for 4 minutes


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