12-Hour Cancellation Policy

Personal Training 12-hour Cancellation Policy

As your personal trainer, my primary goal is to support and guide you towards achieving your health and fitness objectives. An essential aspect of this journey is maintaining a consistent training schedule.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify our 12-hour cancellation policy. This policy is in place to ensure that our training sessions are as effective and beneficial as possible, both for you and for all my clients. Here are the key reasons for this policy:

  1. Efficient Scheduling: My schedule is carefully planned to accommodate the fitness needs of all my clients. A 12-hour notice for cancellations allows me to adjust the schedule accordingly, potentially offering the slot to another client. This helps in maximizing the use of my time and serving everyone better.
  2. Fairness to Other Clients: Many clients are eager to train and sometimes on a waiting list for an open slot. Late cancellations often mean missed opportunities for others who could have utilized the time for their fitness needs.
  3. Commitment to Fitness Goals: Consistency is a critical factor in achieving fitness goals. This policy encourages a commitment to your scheduled sessions, which is vital for progress and success in your fitness journey.
  4. Business Sustainability: As a personal trainer, managing time effectively is crucial for the sustainability of my services. Unfilled slots due to late cancellations can impact the viability of offering flexible and high-quality training.
  5. Personal Commitment: Each training session is a commitment from both of us. I arrange my personal and professional life around our scheduled sessions, ensuring that I am at the gym specifically to meet with you. A late cancellation not only affects the rhythm of your training but also the organization of my daily schedule.

Please understand that this policy is not meant to be punitive; rather, it is in place to ensure that I can provide the best possible service to you and all my clients. I sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

*** Cancellation Policy *** 

All Personal Training & Foundations sessions require a minimum of 12-hours notice to be canceled or rescheduled. Any cancellations or reschedules made within 12-hours of the appointment will not be refunded.

All sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.  All payments must be made in advance.


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