Fri 2.8.19

IF you missed the CROSSFIT OPEN shirt order, this is your second chance. I need the survey filled out by Sunday at 12pm. OPTIONAL: THIS IS ALSO YOUR CHANCE TO GET THE DESIGN WITH LAUREN’S FACE ON IT!

Bench Press, 5×5, 70%, Every 2 min
(DBL Pump)

AMRAP Intervals, 20 min
rest 15s after each round
5 BJO (24/20)
10 Pistols (1 for 1)
Increase rest by 15s after each round

Finisher, 8 min
DB Skull Crushers (max burnout)
Plate Hammer Curls (max burnout)


***How does Judging/being judged work?****

If you are registered through (paid the $20) that means you will show up on their leaderboard so you should be judged by someone who completed the judge’s course online.

If you are not “officially” signed up (didn’t pay $20) then you do NOT have to be judged by someone who completed the course; you don’t have to be judged at all actually. You can have anyone judge you.

The great thing about the open is that you can have someone judge you to hold you accountable. You personally can’t just allow yourself to count a rep that should not be counted. It is now dependent on your judge to make sure they are holding you accountable to properly execute reps. The problem is that your judge is probably more forgiving than you would be to yourself. Judges often act simply as rep counters without wanting to make the athlete “feel bad” by handing out No Reps. I challenge all the judges to step up their game and hold their athletes accountable. Judge with integrity!

The worst thing is seeing an athlete clearly not performing an exercise properly, while the judge still counting along as if the athlete is performing the exercise to its standard.

****How can I become a judge?*****

Anyone can become a judge just by completing the judge’s course. The course is $10 through

If you are competing in the open you must do this course so you know the standard and so you can also be a judge.

You can’t just expect to be judged and not judge other people in return…


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