Mon 11.30.15

Strength: Front Squat % Work (10, 6, 6, 4, 4)  %55, 75, 75, 80, 80% (Week 6) Final Week – Deload

WOD: Intervals

With 2 minutes on the clock complete:

  • 6 Strict Pull Ups (Mod: Jumping Pull Ups with Negative)
  • 12 OHS (95/65) Light
  • With Remaining Time Max Cal Row

2 Min Rest

Repeat 5 more times (6 intervals total)

*Record your calories from each of the 6 rounds, add them up, and report your total calories for the day (All 6 scores go on the board plus your total calorie score)

Coaches: If more than 14 people in class, 2 people will have to use assault bike. Half the group should be working while the other half is resting.

Shoutouts: Jenn B Bday

Box News:

Schedule News:

  • All of December: No 3pm Classes
  • December 8: No 6:10pm or 7:15pm due to event at the box
  • December 24,25,31, Jan 1 – limited schedule due to holidays
  • Saturday Dec 5th, 19th, and 26th will be Benchmark Saturday’s.. Basically, it is the same as Pete’s Shenanigans but we will be doing our own box member’s Benchmark WODs. Pick one from the list and do it. Get someone to do it with you! It’s your world. Just please make sure to sign up for it like normal.


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