Thurs 11.17.16

“If you’re not training with intensity every time, you’re not getting as much out of the workout as you can.”

Strength: Push Press, 4×3, 85%, Every 90 sec

  • 800 Meter Run
  • 30 Alt Pistols (1 for 1)
  • 3 Muscle Ups
    • 25 min cap

Shoutouts: Nick G, Rana 2 year anniversary
Box News:

  • If you are not taking a class for whatever reason and you are at the box working on your own stuff or open gym or mobility or whatever, you should be using Unit D, which is the unit with the turf. Please refrain from interrupting classes that are going on and remember that you are not the only one at the box.


11-17-16 111716


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