Thurs 9.29.16

 “Long term success is achieved by not trading it for short term pleasure”

Skill: HSPU, 5 Reps EMOM for 5 rounds (challenge yourself)

Sprint Work: 10 Rounds 30:30

  • :30 of Max HSPU (challenge yourself early then scale back)
  • :30 sec Rest
  • :30 Max Cal Bike (GO hard) (if over 12 people, some will have to use rower)
  • :30 sec Rest
    • No need to keep track of reps. Go hard on the first round and try to maintain that number throughout.

*If there are more than 12 people in class then there must be one group that starts on bike and another that starts on HSPU

Shoutouts:  Steph Russo and Val Bday. Lauren G one year anniversary
Box News:  None

9 29 16 scores 9 29 16 wod


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