Tues 1.19.16

Strength: Deadlift, 5×4, 80%, EMOM

WOD: Ladder and Tabata

Part A: 12 Min Ladder of 5-10-15-20…

  • Box Jump Over (24/20)
  • Calories on Assault Bike

3 Min Rest in between Parts

Part B: Tabata

  • KBS (70/55)
  • SDHP(70/55)
  • HRPU

Perform KBS then SDHP then HRPU = 1 round of the tabata

do ^^^7 more times

Coaches: Half class starts on Part A, half on Part B, (the 15th and 16th to sign up for class have to use rower). Keep assaults bike where they are so I can see how it works out. Record a score for part A. Part B no score.

Shoutouts: Sasha Bday

Box News:

Schedule News:

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