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Tues 10.27.15

Skill: Push Jerk


5 Bar Muscle Ups (Mod: Less Muscle Ups, Banded Muscle Up, Strict Pull Ups, Strict with bands, TRX Rows)

10 Push JERKS (55% of 1RM)

15 Lateral Bar Over Burpees

35 Min Cap

IMG_3893 IMG_3894


Box News:

  • On Friday, October 30th, CFS will host it’s HalloWOD at 5:45pm. The other classes (5:30am and 4pm) will still be able to do the HalloWOD during their class. What makes the 5:45pm so special is that you can bring a friend (as long as they sign up online) and it is coached by Rich Cierpial AND Amanda Costello! Ladies Night @ CrossFit Sayreville Crew is also welcome to join. The workout is meant to be fun, long, tiring, and fun! The exercises will not be technical. They will be things that everyone can do/modify. The workout will be performed as a team. DRESS TO IMPRESS
  • We will  be starting an 8 week Strength and Olympic WeightLifting Program in November. Spots are limited. (The rest of October is Free still)
    • Total of 15 classes over 8 weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Best Savings: $100 for all 15 classes 
    • $60 for 8 classes
    • $10 per class drop in
    • Reminder: Limited Space
      • Contact Josh: (732) 725-8357
  • November 21st, Crossfit Sayreville teams will be competing at https://www.wodrocket.com/index.php/competitions/find-events/battle-by-the-bay. For those not competing – please, come and support your box – every cheer counts!
    •  After competition, we would like you all to join us for a Crossfit Sayreville Family dinner at Fernandez Steakhouse at 9:15pm.
      Your RSVP will determine if we need to change the place to accommodate a large number of people.
      RSVP as soon as you can, so we can make appropriate changes in selecting another place to dine.


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