Tues 9.20.16

“The superior man acts before he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his action”

Strength: Power Clean , 4 Rep EMOM, for 6 Rounds (choose your weight to challenge yourself) (you may add weight as you go) (no rule on TNG)

Warm Up: 4 rds of 20:20 of Ring Support Holds from the top of a dip position then 4rds of 20:20 front supports (see videos Below)


  • 8 Cleans (185/125) (heavy-ish)
  • 12 Ring Dips (if scaling to the box or bench please make sure you are getting low enough)
  • 25 ABMAT Sit Ups
  • 30 Seconds of Front Support (if you drop your penalty is the remaining seconds in burpees…ex) if you drop after 20 seconds you owe 10 burpees)
    • 22 Min Cap

Box News:

  • This Saturday during Bootcamp we will have a photographer coming in to take photos for the New Website by Fuel Fire. Come out and support
  • We are also in need of some testimonials and photos! Photos will be taken 9:15am-9:30am
  • Please answer the questions below and email them to me (or just some of them)
    • 1.       What was your main concern about joining Isabella Fitness/CrossFit Sayreville Family?
      2.       What did you find as a result of becoming a member of IF/CFS?
      3.       What specific feature did you like most about IF/CFS?
      4.       What are three other benefits of IF/CFS?
      5.       Would you recommend IF/CFS? If so, why?
      6.       Is there anything you’d like to add?



 9.20.16 wod 9.20.16 scores


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