Wed 1.4.17

  1. Skill: Strict Pull Up – Maintain Hollow Body Position – 4×4 (Use Bands if necessary. If bands are not enough then use Rows) Every 90 Seconds
    • Some reps near the end of the video from this video below shows what we DON’T want when doing a ROW. We do not want hips to rise up or sink low.
  1. WOD: Every 4 Min for 24 Minutes
    • Goal of today’s WOD is 2-fold. First, you should cruise on the movements that involve STRICT form without momentum – Pull ups and HRPU. Second, Push the pace on the KBS and BJO. Taking this approach should provide built-in recovery outside of what you are already getting from the remaining time from the 4 minute clock. You are not fighting the clock today so this is the perfect time to move WITH PURPOSE! There is no pressure to perform for the whiteboard today. 
    • 6 Strict Pull Ups (same as the skill) – Take it slow
    • 12 KBS (55/40 – Snatch Style)  – SEE VIDEO BELOW
    • 16 HRPU – Take it slow – Keep it Strict
    • 20 BJO (24/20)
      • Rest with the remaining time from the 4 minutes. If you are not done by 3 minutes and 30 seconds then you should stop and rest for the final 30 seconds)
  2. Cool Down:
    • Calf/Ankle Stretch: 1 Min left, 1 min right, 1 min left, 1 min right

The First two Swings from each angle is an example of a Snatch style versus American Swing style


Keepin’ Up with the Joneses

  1. Open Viewing Party: 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 17.4, 17.5
  2. March 24, 2017: Friday Night Lights (80’s Theme)

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