Wed 11.18.15

Skill: Clean (general set up and movement critiquing)

WOD: Clean and AMRAP with a Partner 

With a partner, with 35 minutes on the clock:

  • Spend the first 14 minutes finding your 1RM Clean

1 Min Rest

  • Then the next 20 minutes will be spent in an AMRAP of
  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 HRPU
  • 15 ABMAT Sit Ups
  • *Switch Every Round
    • While one person is working the other is holding a plate overhead (45/25). You can only switch when your partner is done with a round. If you drop the plate from overhead the person working on the AMRAP has to stop moving as well.

Shoutouts: none

Box News:

Schedule News:

  • All of December: No 3pm Classes
  • December 8: No 6:10pm or 7:15pm due to event at the box
  • December 12 – THERE IS BOOTCAMP (updated)
  • December 24,25,31,1 – limited schedule due to holidays
  • November 21 – Box Closed due to event (see below)
  • November 28 – Pete’s Shenanigans
  • December 5,12,19,26 – BenchMark Saturdays


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