WOD: “3RM Back Squat, AMRAP, 5RNFT” -Tues 1.27.15

Skill: Back Squat 3RM 5,5,3,3,3


WOD Part A: 10 Min AMRAP 

10 Back Squats (off a rack) (135/95)

15 KB SDHP (70/50)

30 Sec accumulated Plank Hold

Record Score


rest 2 min


WOD Part B: 5RNFT (10 min)

Perform 1 round every 2 minutes

10 Ring Dips (mod: any dip)

10 Vertical Jumps

20 Mountain Climbers (2 for 1)

*You are only recording whether you were able to complete every round in 2 minutes or not

(if you cannot keep up just cut out the Mountain Climbers)


*7 athletes will start with Part A. The other athletes will start with Part B. (Hard cap will be set at 14 people per class). Feel free to come early before class starts to complete the WOD.

*You will be assigned Racks and Ring Dip Stations. Ring Dips will be performed on Side B. Banded Ring dips are encouraged






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