WOD: “Partner Challenge” -Fri 7.3.15

Skill: ¬†Deadlift¬†SPEED work 10√ó3 @60% ‚Äď Drop and reset each rep

WOD:  Partner Challenge

Part A:  AMAP: Shoot Throughs (switch every 5 reps) Keep a running total score

Part B:  AMAP: Sprints (run from 100 foot mark to fence and back, then switch). Keep a running total score

Part C:  AMAP: HRPU (switch every 10) Keep a running total

Part D:  ABMAT Sit Ups (switch every 10) Running total

Part E:  Slam Balls 30/20 (switch every 10 reps) running total

You will have 5 separate scores

Keep an accurate count

Have Fun!

Each Part 4 min, 1 min rest in between




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