WOD: “Bootcamp” -Mon 3.26.12



Tire FlipĀ 

Rope SlamĀ 

Squat Jumps

Push Ups


Lunge to Bicep CurlĀ 


Knees to BallĀ 

Pull UpĀ 

Goal: To complete each station nonstop for 30 seconds

Rest: W:R RatioĀ  Set1 30:30, Set 2&3 30:20, Set 4 35:20

How to do it: Follow the work to rest ratio that is listed above for every exercise.Ā  Begin at the first station, work forĀ ā€™xā€™ number ofĀ seconds, then move to station 2.Ā  Do not start the 2nd station until the rest period is over.


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