WOD: “Bootcamp” -Wed 10.23.13

Partner Bootcamp Challenge


Ball Slams*

Rope Slam (White Only)*

Tire Flip*

Squat Jumps^

Toes to Bar^


Hip Band Walks^

Each person will be at each station twice before rotating.


10 second transition to the next station.

*One person will be working while the other person is resting.  ONCE the buzzer sounds the other person will start.  They are to compete against each other to see who gets the most. On the tire flip, ball slam, and rope slam station they have to alternate.  They will compare their scores after both times.

^On stations like T2B, Glider, Burpees, SJ, and Hip Band Walks exercises will be performed at the exact same time and rest together.

IMG_0548 IMG_0549


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