WOD: “Off the Wall” -Fri 11.15.13

Skill:  Deadlift/OHL

In 24 minutes move as much weight as possible with a partner.

There will be 6 stations with 4 minutes given at each station.

There is no rest in between stations.

Only one person can be working at a time.

You may use different weight where necessary. If you are using different weights be sure to keep track of your weights separately.

To avoid someone using very light weight and getting a large amount of reps you are limited to 50 reps each at a particular station.  This is so you go heavier than you might have gone.  You, as an individual, are not allowed to do more than 50 reps at any one station.  You can do up to 50 and your partner can do up to 50 reps.

You are allowed to change weight throughout the 4 minutes.

The movements are as follows:


KB Swing 

OHS/Front Squat 

Wall Ball 


Pull Ups (only reps are counted here and ¬†you can do more than 50 each…unlimited pull ups)

IMG_0766 IMG_0767


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