WOD: “Partner WOD” -Mon 11.24.14

Skill: Hang Snatch


Each Race is 4 minutes long and there will be a 2 min rest in between races. (34 minutes altogether)

Partners can use different weight for the Wall balls but everything else must be the same weight


Race 1: AMAP calories on the row while one person is holding the top of a deadlift (255/155)

*If the bar is dropped the athlete has to stop rowing

*One person stays on the rower the entire time


Race 2: AMAP Bench Presses (155/75) 

*Switch whenever you want


Race 3:  AMAP Hang Snatches (95/55)

*Switch every rep 


Race 4: Same as race one but switch Partners


Race 5:  AMAP Wall Balls (20/14)

*Switch whenever you want 


Race 6:  AMAP Shoot Throughs 

*Switch every 5 reps 


IMG_6765 IMG_6766 IMG_6767





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