WOD: “Plate Madness” -Thurs 1.19.12

“Plate Madness” – Redemption

Holding a 45 pound plate

Bicep Curls


Front Raises

Ski Lunges

Swing over Shoulder (each side)

Split Squats (each leg)

Bentover Row

Overhead Lunge (each leg)

Upright Row

Overhead High Knees (each leg)

Goal:  To not drop the weight until the workout is over.

Rest: When you are finished with the workout.

How to do it:  Perform every exercise in the order listed above.  Perform each exercise for 16 reps, then perform each exercise for 15 reps, then 14 reps…until you finish with doing each exercise for 1 rep each.  Perform every exercise with 16 reps before work your way down to 15, 14, 13,… 


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