WOD: “The Ladder” -Thurs 1.26.12

“The Ladder”

2 min – Squats

1min 45sec – Plank

1min 3osec – Jump Rope

1min 15sec – 50 Meter Sprints

1min – Wall Sits

45sec – Burpees

30sec – Hand Release Push-Ups

15sec – Squat Jumps

Goal:  Perform each exercise for the amount of time designated for that exercise

How to do it:

Perform a Squat Jump

next perform Push Ups then Squat jumps

next perform Burpees, push ups, and Squat Jumps

next perform wall sits, burpees, push ups, and Squat Jumps.

Keep working your way up the ladder in this fashion until you finish with performing every exercise from top to bottom.

Rest:  When needed 


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