WOD: Tuesday 11.29.11


Women’s Bootcamp:  Deck of Cards

Hearts = Squat Jumps

Diamonds = Burpees

Spades = Crunches

Clubs = Split Squat jumps

Jokers = 3 150 meter sprints

Goal:  To get through the entire deck in 25 minutes

Rest:  When needed

Extra: Works great with a partner

Men’s Bootcamp:  10 Station Bootcamp

Rope slams


TRX Hammy

Lat pulldown


TRX row

Sumo Squat (50lb KB)

Seated Row

Kettlebell Swing

20 meter 180lb seated sled pull

Goal:  To work non-stop for the work period

Rest: Listed below

How to do it: Perform each exercise with the following W:R ratio:  set 1 30:30, set 2 & 3 30:20, set 4 30:15


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