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WOD: “Group Tabata Challenge” -Mon 2.9.15

Skill:  3RM – your choice


WOD: Tabata

In groups of 3 (or 2)


Calorie Row

Shoot Throughs

Wall Balls


Sprint on turf (or other side)

1 min rest between exercises


*8 rounds at an exercise before moving on. Work for 20sec rest for 10 seconds. Keep count for each exercise separately. 

*You are competing against your partners

*Report your score to the coach after every exercise 


IMG_7562 IMG_7563 IMG_7564




WOD: “Tabata” -Fri 12.19.14

Skill: Mobility (After Class)


WOD: Tabata

Part A: Keep a constant running total 

KBS (70/50)

Goblet Squat (70/50)


Part B: Keep a constant running total 

KB Press Left Arm (50/30)

KB Press Right Arm (50/30)

Sumo Squat


Part C: Keep a constant running total 


Med Ball Full Crunch

Med Ball Slam


*Each Part will have a separate score

*You will move from one exercise to the next when the buzzer sounds.

*You will end of performing each exercise 8 times.

*1 Min Rest in Between Parts




IMG_7034 IMG_7035



WOD: “EMOM & Tabata” -Thurs 1.2.14


Review:  Dumbbell Snatch 

Skill: Deadlift – 3RM (5, 5, 3, 3, 3) – 10 minutes on the clock


3 min rest 

EMOM:  Even Minutes (3 Strict Pull Ups and 4 Burpees) 0,2,4

Odd Minutes (3 Reps of Deadlift – Use a weight just below your 3RM) 1, 3, 5


3 min rest 

WOD:  Tabata – Keep count of your reps 

Dumbbell Snatch (50/30) 1 for 1 

OHL (45/25) 1 for 1

Pass Betweens (15/8)  1 for 1 

IMG_1141 IMG_1147 IMG_1148