Why Athletes at Isabella FItness do the Open?

What is the Open?
A worldwide event hosted by CrossFit, which includes 5 workouts over the course of 5 weeks (1 workout per week).

Why participate in the Open?

  • To see how your level of fitness improves over the course of the year.
  • It will hold you accountable to improving some of the skills and movements that we use in CrossFit.
  • It is a great time for our community of athletes to get together and have fun taking it on.

What is the point of the open?
The CrossFit Open is a time to put your fitness to the test! 1% of the people doing the open are professionals in the sport, 99% are just seeing how they stack up against themselves. In sports, there are try-outs, making the team, and playing in a game. In CrossFit, the open is the “try-outs”. 

Can anyone do the Open Prep Program with Kevin?
Definitely!!! Everyone will benefit immensely
Learn more about it here: 
Click me

When does the open officially start and end?

  • FIVE WEEKS – FEB. 22 – MARCH 26
  • 18.1- Feb. 22-26
  • 18.2- March 1-5
  • 18.3- March 8-12
  • 18.4- March 15-19
  • 18.5- March 22-26

When does the OPEN PREP officially start and End?
Jan 14  – Feb 22 for the 6 week
Jan 14 – March 26 for the 12 week

When are workouts released?
Every Thursday night for 5 weeks (Feb 22. March 1, 8, 15, 22)
Everyone has until Monday at 8 pm to complete them. You can repeat them as many times as you wish.

What is the point of “officially” signing up?
If you sign up through you will be able to submit your results and you will be ranked against people from the around the world. You can see where you rank according to your age, worldwide standings, the state you live in, competitive level (RX or Scaled), and/or profession. You may find it motivating to see how you rank against people who also competed in the same division, who is in the same age range as you are, and is also a “teacher” (or another profession). The coolest part of “officially” being signed up is you can see a custom leaderboard that shows only the athletes from CrossFit Sayreville and where you rank. If you do not sign up you can still compare your score to everyone else who submitted their score online but you will not “officially” see your name on  Registration for the Open begins Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018.

How do I sign up?
Option 1: To “officially” sign up through CrossFit –> ( (cost is $20)

Option 2: You do not have to be “officially” signed up to do the workouts (Free)

Do I need to sign up “officially”?
No. You can do the workouts just like everyone else without signing up through 

Should I go RX or Scaled?
That really depends on what you want to get out of the open. This question is best answered on an individual level. If you want to compete in the RX division you are going to have to be proficient in Muscle Ups, HPSUs, Toes to Bar, Chest to Bar Pull Ups, Overhead Squats, Double Unders, and Pistols. The open also usually includes a heavy lifting component, which may be presented as a 1 rep max or during a workout where the weights increase. You can perform some workouts Rx’d and others scaled. If you are concerned that you can perform most of the movements as RX’d but there are some exercises you have yet to master then you should speak to your coach directly. 

Should I even do the open if I am not RX’d?
Heck Yea you should. Everyone should be doing the open. The open is a time to challenge yourself, work on your weaknesses, recognize your areas for future growth, push beyond what you thought you were capable, be a part of this awesome community of athletes, and set a baseline so you can crush your scores next year!

When can I perform the open workouts

  • Thursday Night – During the announcement party from 8-9pm
  • Fridays – All day in Unit D as long as the box is open. (During parts of the day you can use the main unit)
  • Saturday – 10:30am – 1pm
  • Sunday – 8am – 12pm
  • Mondays – 4-5pm, 6:00-6:30pm, 7:30-9pm in UNIT D only
    • You do not have to come to the same time each week. You can mix and match when you come.

How does Judging/being judged work?
If you are registered through CrossFIt that means you will show up on their leaderboard so you should be judged by someone who completed the judge’s course online. If you are not “officially” signed up then you do not have to be judged by someone who completed the course; you don’t have to be judged at all actually.

How can I become a judge?
Anyone can become a judge just by completing the judge’s course. The course is $10.

How should I mix the open workouts with my regular training days?
It depends…If you are doing the open for fun, the experience, and being a part of the community then you probably would benefit from sticking to your normal routine. You may need to skip the Friday or Saturday class workout and perform the open workout in its place. If you are doing the open to really see how you rank against yourself and others around the world, you may benefit from taking off on Thursdays from your usual routine, perform a “dry run” of the workout on a Friday or Saturday, and then crush the workout on a Saturday or Sunday; reserve Mondays for final attempts. I would caution AGAINST this because then the open workouts will mess up your Tuesday and Wednesday routine. It then becomes 6 weeks of just being overwhelmed with the open. 

What is Friday night lights?
It is an event for all athletes to come together to perform their last open workout at the same time. You do not have to attend but we encourage people to participate. To make it fun, we also ask that you dress up in 80s clothing! 

What if I miss a workout?
Nothing, you can just continue with the next week’s workout.

What if I have commitment issues?
You can pick and choose which workouts you want to do. If you miss one…it’s no big deal. If you are worried about being judged then just don’t get judged. If you don’t want to “officially” sign up then don’t and you can do the workouts anyway.

What is the viewing party?
Every Thursday night during the open we get to watch the workout announcement at the box. We connect a projector and watch it together. Some people may choose to perform the workout that night!

What if I am injured and can’t perform certain exercises?
Just like the standard class setting, all workouts are modifiable. Talk to you coach beforehand to come up with a strategy. Here are some scaling options: Click Me

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