Strength/Skill: Rope Climbs, 5 x 1 minute of max reps, rest 1 minute between rounds

  • record total reps

WOD: Partner Chipper

  • 100 Calories (50 on bike, then 50 on rower)
  • 80 SDHPs (95/65)
  • 60 Burpees
  • 40 OHS (95/65)
  • 15 Rope Climbs
    • One partner must be holding a plank in order for the other to be working

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Open Viewing Party: 17.4, 17.5
March 24, 2017: Friday Night Lights (80’s Theme)
April 22, 2017: Battle of Baes 2: So far confirmed teams: Kelsey and Rich. Tom and Lauren. Steph and Levi. Glenn and Kristen. Zach and Bebah. Diana and Diego. Jenna and Justin

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