“Burpee Say What!”


*Tire Flip* 

Toes to Bar 

*Hand-Release Push-Ups*

*Rope Pull Ups* 

*Squat to Toss w/Med Ball* 


*Box Jumps*

Goal:  To perform each exercise for 30 seconds 

Rest:  Set 1: 30 Seconds  Set 2 -4:  20 Seconds

How to do the Workout:  Perform the workout in a bootcamp style/circuit training fashion.  Set 1 the W:R ratio is 30:30.  Set 2 – 4:  30:20.  Each exercise that has an asterisk next to it should be preceded by a burpee.  From top to bottom:  perform rope slams for 30 seconds straight, Before every tire flip you must do a burpee (burpee then tire flip, burpee then tire flip), Perform toes to bar for 30 seconds straight, before every hand release push up you must do a burpee…

Before every pull up you must do a burpee, before every squat to toss you must do a burpee, Perform gliders for 30 seconds without burpees, before doing a box jump you must do a burpee.

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