WOD: “Tabata Plus 2” -Wed 12.14.11

“Tabata Plus 2”

Heavy Jump Rope/100′ Rope Slams

Sprints/Bear Crawls

Push up/Push Pass Against Wall into Push Up

Squat Jumps/Squat Jump w/Hands to Armpit

Push Press/Barbell Roll Out

Alligator Push ups/Crunchs

Med Ball Slams/Granny Toss

Split Squat Jumps/Overhead Lunges

Goal:  To complete each set of exercises 10 times total before moving onto the next two.  The goal is use the Tabata W:R ratio of 20:10. 

Rest:  10 seconds between each set.  1 min and 20 sec between each section of exercises. 

How to do it: ¬†Alternate the two exercises in the each grouping after each set until 10 sets are completed. ¬†Once ten sets are completed then move onto the next two exercises. ¬†Example: ¬†Heavy Jump rope for 20 seconds, 10 sec rest, perform rope slams for 20sec, then 10 sec rest, then back to heavy jump rope for 20 seconds, 10 sec rest, rope slam for 20 seconds…until you have done each exercise 5 times. ¬†Then move onto sprints/bear crawls. ¬†Perform those two exercises in the same style as the previos example. ¬†


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